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FDA Registered Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lab – Southern California!


This US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered quality controlled pharmaceutical laboratory has been FDA approved to manufacture pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products and medical devices. They have historically manufactured skin care, health and beauty related products for niche markets, as well as dietary supplements and their related packaging for themselves, as well as for the private label market. They work with both prescription based as well as over the counter products and are considered a leading contract packager of liquids, creams and lotions. They also engage in product development including formulation / design, compounding, risk analysis, raw material vendor qualification, specification and stability data preparation. Note that a formulation chemist, production manager, and packaging staffers would need to be hired, as the current going-concern is not being offered for sale, however, they will assist a buyer (to a degree) with assistance in the hiring process.

Additional Details


This 3,530 square foot lab leases for $2,700 on a lease. All of the business’s furniture, fixtures, equipment, 700 formulas for beauty and over the counter products, together with their coveted FDA, California Department of Health Services Drug Manufacturing, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Licenses will be included in the sale. Hard assets include 4 mixing tanks, a water and air pressure system, filling machines, a tubing filler and a lab room fully equipped with scales, an oven, sall mixer, utensils, containers, etc.


Since this is a heavily regulated industry, and this laboratory’s application was for niche based markets and specific to the formulation and packaging of its own product as well as its private labeled products, limited competition exists.

Growth & Expansion

New operators may wish to take this opportunity into any number of directions. These include the manufacturing and distribution of their own products which may require such a lab, or to reenter the private label market for other company’s products.

At a Glance

Asking Price: $285,000

Gross Revenues: $350,000

Inventory: $120,000

Potential Cash Flow: $60,002

Location: Los Angeles, CA


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