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Vegan Food Delivery Service with a Local and National Presence


This vegan food delivery service with a local presence for their freshly prepared meals, and national presence for their frozen options, is the incumbent player in this highly attractive feel-good and ecofriendly niche. The company firm has developed a system for providing its extraordinarily loyal Southern California client fresh ready-made meals comprised of delicious entrees, appetizers, soup and desserts. The company’s meals are rotated and delivered on a weekly basis to their dedicated following – 75% of whom have ordered more than 6 times! What’s more, the semi-absentee owner has organized a highly efficient work schedule that maximizes operational efficiencies while minimizes expenses. This industry leader has been established for over 22 years and boasts nearly 100 4.5 star Yelp reviews.

Under No Circumstances should the Seller be contacted Directly!

Additional Details


The business operates out of a shared kitchen facility for $2,800 – $2,900 per month that provides flexibility, but that also increases occupancy expense. In addition to their own space, they also utilize community space for roughly $800 per month for onsite retail sales food preparation. The sale includes the business’s tremendous goodwill, including its trade name, customer database, recipes, staffers and more!


Moderate competition exists at different levels however this company has carved out a unique, and rapidly growing market niche in local fresh delivery of its health oriented and environmentally friendly food category as well as in its comparatively new frozen offering that allows them to reach clients well beyond Southern California.

Growth & Expansion

New owners may wish to take this business in any number of directions. They may wish to promote the national frozen delivery service that current management launched comparatively recently, they may choose to explore in-sourcing their kitchen, local delivery or in other areas of the business where they choose to incur excess expenses to maximize their flexibility.

At a Glance

Vegan Food Delivery Service with a Local & National Presence

Asking Price: $150,000

Gross Revenues: $334,793

Potential Cash Flow: $63,968

Location: Los Angeles, CA


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