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Fullerton Restaurant & Nightclub w/Huge Patio, Street Frontage & Ideal Entitlements!


This Fullerton restaurant and nightclub boasts a huge outdoor patio, enormous kitchen, main street visibility and ideal entitlements including dance, live entertainment and an approved indoor cigar lounge / smoking area. The venue is set up to simultaneously operate as a restaurant or banquet facility, a bar, lounge or nightclub, and a cigar club – all with access to an outdoor patio that may be partitioned accordingly. In the daytime the space hosts food-driven events, while in the evening it transforms into a nightclub. It boasts a spacious paid parking lot and adjacent parking structure.

Additional Details


This 6,000 square foot venue with a 2,500 square foot outdoor patio leases for $26k per month. This venue will have a new lease with options to be determined in the sale. An estimated $10k in inventory will be sold at cost at close in addition to purchase price. The space is comprised of 4 distinct area that may be separated or seamlessly operate in conjunction with one another. The main bar, lounge and nightclub has a 223 patron occupancy. The banquet room is approved for 89 persons, the cigar lounge indicates 23 and the exterior patio can officially accommodate 78 patrons, for a 400+ person total occupancy (all data to be verified). The facility’s kitchen has a double-sided hood, with a convection oven, oven and range top and double soup / sauce burners, while the main line has 2 – 2 bucket deep fryers, 2 griddles and a large grill. In addition to an 8 foot salad preparation table, there is an enormous general food preparation area, a dishwashing room, a walk-in cooler and separate walk-in freezer and manager’s office. The lounge has a raised DJ booth.


This establishment competes fiercely in the culinary and nightlife scene, boasting a diverse menu and a seamless transition into a dynamic nightclub experience. Its edge lies in the venue’s location, entitlements, and high-quality dining experience in a contemporary setting. Of course, its nightlife element remains its most distinguishing factor, with a lively atmosphere with diverse music and a well-curated beverage selection. The venue’s ability to blend upscale dining with vibrant entertainment sets it apart as a standout choice for a comprehensive offering.

Growth & Expansion

With a solid foundation resulting from its location, licensing, layout and kitchen, new management may take this opportunity in any number of directions. Given its size and layout, the venue can cater to a diverse audience to ensure a memorable night out.

At a Glance

Asking Price: $295,000

Gross Revenues: $80,000

Inventory: $10,000

Location: Fullerton, CA


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