Prospective Buyer NDA & Profile

Many prospective buyers who are new to the business acquisition process are not familiar with completing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Profile, may not appreciate why it is being requested or realize how it is tremendously beneficial to you. Intermediaries also request personal and sensitive financial information which may cause discomfort. We appreciate your concerns and hope to explain why such information is being requested, and more importantly, why providing it works to your advantage!


You may not realize this, but business Sellers require us to take measures to help ensure that prospective buyers appreciate the importance of maintaining confidentiality and appear financially capable of purchasing their business prior to sharing any sensitive information. Even the fact that any business is for sale is confidential! You are going to receive a detailed look into their company’s operations, assets, lease, photos, and financial performance. The more solid a business is the more concerned its seller will be about confidentiality. After all, if you purchase a business you wouldn’t want its operations, performance or reputation to potentially suffer prior to you taking it over!


As you will likely experience, finding the right business takes time, dedication and a commitment to the process. You will probably view several opportunities prior to finding the right one. The more we know about you, the more we can help provide you opportunities that may be the right match. Oftentimes these are ones that you may never know are available! Roughly 30% of our sales occur prior to the businesses ever being advertised since we first share coveted new or extraordinarily confidential listings with buyers whose interests and financial ability we are already familiar with. We only share these highly desirable opportunities with buyers who have already completed an NDA and Profile and indicated that potentially larger opportunities may be financially feasible.


We have completed over 1,000 successful transactions since 2002, all of which started with committed and cooperative prospective buyers completing an NDA and Profile. Feel free to contact us at 310.652.8353 with any questions. We are here to help you, and make what can become a frustrating process a straightforward and enjoyable one!

To get started you may complete an NDA and Profile online or a fillable version may be downloaded. If you are a licensed intermediary you may direct your client to complete our NDA and Profile. 

Feel free to phone us at 310.652.8353 or Contact Us with any questions. Kindly note that business names, addresses or other confidential details cannot be provided without a sufficiently completed NDA and Profile.