The Veld Group offers a full suite of services to meet your needs. Below you will find The Veld Group’s primary lines of business, together with a partial list of our representative historical clients.

Rest assured that confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

Typical Success Rates when Selling a Business

For Sale by Owner
Typical Business Brokerage firm
The Veld Group

Business Brokerage

The Veld Group offers a refreshing approach to business sales. Since entering the industry in 2003, they have become a leader across all industries, with an unparalleled record in manufacturing, distribution and hospitality sales. While The Veld Group excels in consummating sales across all size and industry categories, it prides itself in its ability to sell exceptionally unique companies, those with non-traditional models or ones with a niche offering or customer base. Transactions that are perceived to be challenging due to the circumstances, complexity, regulatory environment or market dynamics are the most rewarding.

Mergers & Acquisitions

From Your Street to Wall Street, The Veld Group has a track record of selling companies suitable to be courted by national interests, private equity, and Wall Street as well as beyond the U.S. market. Our extensive global network can dramatically increase your firm’s chances of trading at a fair market price, or being offered to the most attractive corporate or strategic buyers – whether these are investment firms looking to improve their returns, private equity groups who wish add complementary companies around their platform investments, venture capitalist that hope to bolster their position in a particular industry to take that venture public, or even publicly traded entities that need to increase revenues and market share to deliver shareholder returns.
The Veld Group’s sister company, Veld Mergers & Acquisitions, caters to clients that are typically larger or more strategic in nature, merit more in-depth valuation analysis and significant preparation techniques and advance exit planning initiatives, and require a custom-tailored approach with a comprehensive deal team. As with The Veld Group, they provide clients their real world experience in a manner that will make sense to the board members as well as the mailroom clerks.

“Don’t be intimidated by overly credentialed intermediaries with Wall Street addresses who tout a few large deals per year and require significant upfront retainers regardless of performance . M&A firms that specialize in $50+ million sales aren’t appropriate for main street clients and will provide significantly diminished value to lower-middle-market ones, if they are willing to service them at all. Choose a partner that is appropriate for your size, needs and experience level. A firm that accomplishes 50+ sales per year will be more familiar with preparing a smaller opportunity for transition, offer a broader range of applicable transition options, possess a larger and more appropriate buyer pool, and have more resources at its disposal than one that facilitates 3-4 large transactions per annum. Of course, a smaller transaction is also more likely to be material to them.”


There is abundance of software that enables non-certified parties to offer ‘valuation’ services. The output of this is typically 30% inaccurate in either direction. This can absolutely thwart achieving a successful sale or worse, it may cause an owner to leave significant money on the table. If the valuator is not credentialed with one of the aforementioned institutions, it should not be considered to be a valuation. If the “valuator” is applying software, charging a below market rate, or is actually a Business Brokers that is simply applying industry “Rule of Thumb” techniques to arrive at a value, you have every right to be skeptical and exercise increased caution or obtain a “Review” or a second opinion so critical decisions are not made based on poor data. Obtaining a valuation or an advanced value estimate from a certified business valuator is well worth it. As if you were going into a court trial or having a major medical procedure performed, this is not a place where owners should hope to cut corners or make crucial decisions based on unreliable data.

View details on our Valuation products below…

You’ve likely worked extremely hard to establish and build your business. Now it may be time to determine your company’s current market value through a comprehensive valuation. Even if you are not planning to sell your business, it is vital to know your company’s value when…

Negotiating a purchase/merger
Dissolving a marriage / partnership
Raise capital or financing
Maximizing company value
Planning your retirement
Estimating gift taxes
Creating buy/sell agreements
Ensuring adequate insurance
Going public – IPO offering
Establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
Succession planning
Income tax disputes


Your Valuation Will Reflect The Unique Attributes Of Your Business.

Using up to 30 possible valuation techniques, we work hand-in-hand with you and your accountant to review your company’s financials, operations and intangible assets. After extensive research on both your company and your industry, we create a personalized report, written in a reader-friendly, non-technical style. With our proven methods, your business will receive the most accurate valuation possible for your needs utilizing at least 3 different business valuation approaches and the 7 – 10 most suitable valuation methods. Such a report will be in compliance with IRS standards, meet Revenue Ruling 59-60 guidelines, and include a comprehensive company, market, industry and economic analysis.

If you seek to assess the potential future value of your firm, Veld Valuation can provide a Potential Future Value Estimate. This may suit your needs if you seek to raise capital, take your firm public, or otherwise capture the unique future value that your business possesses but has yet to realize. The Future Value Estimate is an unconventional valuation approach that is a hybrid of traditional valuation techniques coupled with pro-forma cost and revenue projections. A Future Value Estimate typically includes a ‘road-map’ as to how the applicable party will be able to realize the indicated firm value. The comprehensiveness of such estimates, as well as the implementation roadmap may vary dramatically, as may the size and subjectivity of the value estimate itself.

A cost-effective alternative to the fully accredited certified valuation is the Veld Mini-Valuation, otherwise referred to as a Preliminary Value Estimate (“PVE”). If your company qualifies, this condensed form of a valuation oftentimes suits your needs, without incurring the expense typically associated without the documentation and research that a comprehensive certified valuation commands. The Preliminary Value Estimate is not in compliance with IRS standards or IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60.

This report will not hold up in court if its intended purpose is for dispute resolution or planning for certain events (e.g. partnership dispute, non-amicable divorce, ESOP establishment, initial public offering, etc.).

While the report will include a company overview, a full explanation of the valuation methods applied and supporting evidence (as applicable), it may not include an on-site inspection. Unfortunately, due to the abbreviated nature of this and less comprehensive valuation offerings, we cannot provide these in conjunction with our Expert Testimony Services.

As we strive to provide our clients with the most appropriate option for their needs, rather than the most costly option (be skeptical of firms that insist on performing full-valuations), The Veld Group also offers a simple Opinion of Value report, and Opinion of Value Letter. While these products provide more ‘casual’ opinions of value that rely more on the valuator’s expertise and experience than exhaustive analysis, we have found that such low-cost opinions of value are often sufficient for our client’s needs.

The Opinion of Value Report is a brief valuation report that is typically based on 1-3 of the most applicable valuation methods, with a brief market analysis. This report opines an estimate of value that is most heavily focused on comparable market sales taken from subscriptions based databases or in-house business sales comparisons, if available.

Don’t allow yourself to be misled because a firm is overly eager to document the value that you hope to hear. Independently verify their credentials. If you intend to sell your company be particularly cautious of those that reduce their success-based transaction fees for substantial up-front costs. Doing so may give rise to a significant misalignment of incentives. When determining enterprise value, credibility is everything and a realistic, substantiated fair market assessment is paramount. Ensure your valuation is performed by a certified valuator helps you to maintain credibility with any buyer, investor, creditor or partner – which is critical to achieve a successful outcome. If you cut corners when it comes to proper value determination, you are invariably selling yourself short and you may undermine any prospect for a successful outcome at the outset.


Expert Testimony

The Veld Group has always championed the underdog. Unfortunately, the small to lower middle market business owner often finds themselves in that position. While we no-longer actively engage in Expert Testimony for trials, we had done so for 2 decades and recognized the tremendous amount of value we can add for those with a need. If you find yourself in a dispute, no matter what the venue, feel free to reach out to determine if we may assist. As our experience as a brokerage, M&A firm and valuation company remains highly unique, we are happy to informally share our candid opinions, which may help legal counsel bolster their argument on an owner’s behalf. The Veld Group may prove to be your greatest ally in obtaining justice even if we are not formally engaged!

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