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Renowned Rehabilitation Facility W/ Great Location!


This home health care in West Hills is a tranquil wellness center offering a diverse range of holistic services, including yoga classes, meditation sessions, and massage therapy. With a serene ambiance and skilled practitioners, the West Hills Home Health Care provides a welcoming space for individuals seeking relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being in the heart of West Hills.

Additional Details


The 1,900 square foot venue leases for $7,000 per month on a lease until 2028 with one 5-years option.


West Hills Home Health Care stands out as a unique wellness destination, offering a blend of yoga, meditation, and massage services. Its serene atmosphere and skilled practitioners foster a sense of calm, making it a go-to place for those seeking holistic well-being. The center’s commitment to providing diverse and authentic experiences sets it apart in the competitive landscape of wellness establishments in West Hills.

Growth & Expansion

West Hills Home Health Care exhibits promising growth potential due to its distinctive approach to holistic wellness. Positioned at the intersection of yoga, meditation, and massage services, the center taps into a growing demand for comprehensive well-being solutions. As awareness of the benefits of holistic practices continues to expand, West Hills Home Health Care stands poised to attract a broader clientele seeking tranquility and mindfulness. Additionally, its commitment to maintaining a serene environment and skilled practitioners positions it well for sustained growth and recognition in the evolving landscape of wellness in West Hills.

At a Glance

Asking Price: $250,000

Location: West Hills, CA


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