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Special Events & Wedding Catering w/Simple, Scalable Customer Embraced Concept!


This special event mobile catering operation provides a simple, scalable customer embraced mobile food preparation concept that focuses on artisanal pizzas. Patrons appreciate the mobile caterer’s highly personable staff and the company’s commitment to high-quality ingredients, authenticity and stellar customer service. Utilizing mobile wood-fired ovens, the company provides guests a variety of artisanal pizzas with perfectly crisp crusts, accompanied by salads, charcuterie, and vegetable and pasta dishes. The staff and presentation provide an unforgettable dining experience.

Additional Details


The company operates out of a 1k square foot catering kitchen that leases for $2.4k per month on a secure lease with options to be negotiated in the sale. All of the company’s furniture, fixtures, equipment and goodwill will be included in the sale. The 5 vehicles will be paid off, depending on offer. An estimated $5k in inventory will be sold at cost.


Despite the competitive mobile catering and onsite catering marketplace, this bustling enterprise receives over 100 weekly leads and services over 500 annual events that range in size from smaller $1.5k get togethers to $12k soirees. They have systems in place to ensure profitability on smaller intimate events of 20 guests up to large scale events of up to 600 guests. Due to their fleet of pizza ovens and staff, they are able to cater up to four events concurrently and up to eight events in a day. The company makes its dough daily, and strictly adheres to the years of best practices that it’s cultivated to perfect their cooking process, pricing packages, and event scheduling. As a result, the company has developed a unique competitive advantage as they are able to simultaneously maximize their food quality, customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and profitability.

Growth & Expansion

New operators will likely want to embrace the existing private-event only model with an approach and pricing strategy that has proven extraordinarily successful. Management may wish to strategically expand the menu (e.g. preprepared desert options or ones that may be prepared onsite), the company’s geographic footprint and perhaps consider partnering with likely minded bricks-and- mortar outlets with similar type of best-in-class artisanal pizza offerings. As the company enjoys a 20% – 30% repeat customer base, management may rely on this stable revenue base and focus their efforts on business development outreach to event planners, wedding coordinators and additional centers of influence and event decision makers. Additional areas for expansion include a catering concept the owners have already developed and branded. In this concept, focus will shift away from pizza so top quality is maintained while staffing is minimized. The menu will be centered around charcuterie boards, cold items and hot pastas. Food prep will occur during the kitchen staff’s downtime and packaged food can be efficiently delivered with a lower $500 minimum. Large gains can likely be achieved with an active social media campaign managed by a savvy marketer familiar with Instagram, Facebook and Tik-tock, which the current officers and staff admittedly are not. Givin the convivial nature of their events they cater to, coupled with the highly enticing wood burning ovens and artisanal pizza, the product and service offering both lend themselves to marketing via social media platforms.

At a Glance

Asking Price: $1,265,000

Gross Revenues: $1,255,328

Inventory: $5,000

Potential Cash Flow: $622,030

Location: Los Angeles, CA


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