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Specialty Flooring Contractor Scalable Concept and Intellectual Property


This specialty commercial flooring contractor boasts a highly scalable concept crafted to be the foundation of a regional or national market leader, a proven method to install a flooring service and product superior to its competitors, an internally developed bidding, budgeting and scheduling software, an organization comprised of remarkable and professional staffers, and finally, a book of business comprised of the A-List of Southern California clients.

This business does have a C-61 / D-06 Concrete Services license. Staffers may obtain it for the corporate entity or the owner may through an agreed upon transition period.

Additional Details


This 2,400 square foot office and warehouse facility leases for an attractive $3,400 per month on a flexible lease. Company has acquired equipment that would be valued at over $1.2 ml in new replacement cost, and more importantly, has developed a dynamic software that includes dates and job size, vehicle, equipment and material requirements inputs, and whose workflow controls result in tremendous staffing efficiencies (often eliminating 1 technician), inventory sourcing, and finally, highly organized packing lists that eliminate supply shortfalls.


While competition exits for basic types of specialty flooring contractors, competitors cannot match the level of professionalism, organization and superior results that this company offers. As a result of the A-list types of clients they regularly attract, the company doesn’t find themselves bidding against (or at least, foregoing jobs) the ever-present low-cost providers that typically don’t tout the experience, carry the insurance, or otherwise provide the end results the company is known for.

Growth & Expansion

This company has been established with a strong foundation from which to be taken into any number of directions. New management may wish to go ‘deeper’ in the industry by capitalizing on the firm’s proven strengths and superior outcomes at cost effective prices by scaling up their staffing and broadening their service area (which is typically centered around Orange County, depending on job size). This strategy may work well with other flooring firms, painters, drywall outdoor asphalt or concrete specialists or any other contractors.

At a Glance

Asking Price: $1,100,000

Gross Revenues: $1,113,349

Inventory: $55,000

Potential Cash Flow: $221,684

Location: Huntington Beach, CA (Orange County)


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