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Van Nuys Area Congregate Health Facility w/Medi-Cal Provider Number!


This congregate living facility is licensed by the Department of Public Health for 6 residents with 4 private rooms and 1 shared room. It also has Medi-Cal provider number and it has a clinical laboratory registration. All of the facility’s hospital beds are of advanced design and offer an incredible comfort level. The facility is equipped with a professional kitchen that has an industrial dishwasher, per new Department of Public Health requirements. At the moment there are no residents on premise.

Additional Details


This 2,000 square foot facility leases for $5,500 a month. The business’s Medi-Cal provider number, the state’s Department of Public Health and the clinical laboratory registration are anticipated to transfer in the sale.


While competition certainly exists in this industry, this established 4 year old hospice has the licensing and permits necessary to remain highly competitive.

Growth & Expansion

Given this facility’s coveted licensing and provider number, new operators may wish to take this opportunity in any number of directions in the congregate living realm.

At a Glance

Van Nuys Area Congregate Health Facility w/Medi-Cal Provider Number!

Asking Price: $400,000

Location: Van Nuys, CA (Los Angeles County)


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