Veld Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in $5 to $20 million dollar transactions and engages in additional value-enhancing offerings. Together with our affiliated Business Brokerage, The Veld Group, we have completed over 1,000 successful engagements across virtually all industry sectors.

Our M&A team typically works on a diversity of transactions with clients that are not necessarily solely geared towards selling. We often assist with other value enhancing services including growth strategy or exit planning initiatives…

When we do discreetly bring these companies to market, they are often acquired by private equity groups or merged with complementary corporate entities (i.e. Strategics). These transactions tend to be consummated at higher profit multiples and resultant valuations than smaller business sales typically achieve. The key to successfully completing these sales is to find the right buyer and to structure the right transaction. This is where you need a great advisor!

Our team helps our clients to identify the right buyer and to create deals that meet their personal, financial and other goals.

We have orchestrated industry roll-ups, implemented vertical and horizontal mergers, raised capital, restructured debt, and assisted in all kind of deals in between. We understand the kinds of valuations that can be achieved, and most importantly, we work hard to evaluate all options and preserve our client’s best interests.

No matter what the firm’s size, its immediate business needs, or its shareholders’ ultimate exit strategy, contact us for a confidential discussion today!